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Client Management

The first all-in-one extended advertising agency CRM. Specifically designed for digital agency client management, you can manage projects and clients, access real-time data insights from multiple sources, create invoices, generate custom reports and more.

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Manage Your Clients

Take control of your project management and facilitate team collaboration.

Create a single information source for all client contacts, requirements, attachments and data. Access and manage client analytics, projects and timelines through the dashboard. Create custom reports through Looker Studio.

Take Control of Your Invoicing

With DAXRM’s Xero integration, you can simplify your invoicing and ensure a single data source for all relevant client information. Create and view invoices, track overdue payments, and send invoice reminders.

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Connect All Your Clients’ Marketing
Data in One Place

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File Storage Client Management

Attachments & File Storage

Keep all essential information at your fingertips at all times. Organize, store and share project documents with secure storage in AWS. Drag and drop files, upload in a variety of formats and monitor and control user access to all files.

Get Real Time Insights

Track work from start to finish across accounts, projects, tasks, teams and goals. Increase project visibility and transparency, improve productivity and streamline collaboration. Monitor timelines for changes to accounts, companies and tasks to improve visibility and accountability.

Real Time Insights Real Time Insights
Manage Permissions Manage Permissions

Manage Permissions

Create roles with streamlined permission sets for team members, clients or other stakeholders with customizable levels of access. Control who sees what and who can make edits. Provide granular user permissions to access tasks, projects or real-time data regardless of role, job function or organization.

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