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Access and display all campaign data with the DAXRM Microsoft Ads reporting dashboard. Take a deep dive into all essential ads data including impressions, clicks, CPC, CTR, conversion rate, revenue and more. Get the very best from your Microsoft Ads campaigns!

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Microsoft Ads

Analyze Campaign Performance

Explore comprehensive PPC metrics for your campaigns including CTR, CPC, impressions and more.

Track Conversions

Find out which ads are converting and optimize campaigns for maximum ROI.

Highlight ROI

Showcase campaign performance and highlight the ROI you’re delivering for clients.

Automated Reporting

Create clear and compelling reports using the full functionality of Looker Studio.

Track Campaign Performance

Access and display your campaign data using the DAXRM Microsoft Ads dashboard. Track essential metrics like impressions, clicks, CPC, CTR, conversion rate and revenue. Identify opportunities to fine-tune your ad strategies, up your conversion rate, and drive ROI for your clients.

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Optimize Conversion Rates

Optimize Conversion Rates

Our intuitive dashboard lets you explore the trends and behavior that actually drive conversions. Take a deep dive into the data and identify opportunities to enhance your ad campaigns, improve conversion rates and maximize ROI.

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Data in One Place

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Impress Clients & Highlight Value

Clients want to know that their marketing budget is working for them. With detailed analytics and clear and compelling reports, you can showcase the great work your agency is doing. Clearly display conversion rates, ad revenue and ROI and demonstrate your value to clients.

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Manual Reporting

No More Manual Reporting

Streamline your reporting with DAXRM and Looker Studio. Create fully customized analytics reports that showcase your Microsoft Ads campaign results. Using the full power of Looker Studio, you can generate, download and share reports with colleagues, teams and clients. Schedule automated daily, weekly or monthly reports to be sent directly to your clients. Take control of your Microsoft Ads data with DAXRM and Looker Studio.

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