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With the DAXRM digital marketing CRM you can harness the power of Looker Studio custom reporting. Using the Looker Studio connector you can visualize and manage your data in Looker Studio. Discover actionable marketing insights, share information and get the most out of your underlying data.

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Streamline your workflow with our ready-to-use templates for quick and efficient results.

Quick & Customizable

Create customized and secure reports based on your own underlying data.

Visualize, Download &
Share Insights

Create compelling reports, which you can schedule, download, share or collaborate on.

Clean & Group
Your Data

Clean and group data without the need for code. Generate graphs, gather valuable insights and turbocharge your marketing.


Connect Data In Daxrm

Create an account in DAXRM, activate the connector and connect your data source with DAXRM and view all data in dashboard.

Looker Studio
Looker Studio

Create A New Data Source In Looker Studio

Search for DAXRM in Looker Studio Data Source and select the appropriate DAXRM connector.

Connect All Your Clients’ Marketing
Data in One Place

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Google My Business

Select The Connection And The Account

Select the account you want to connect, enable the DAXRM reporting template, and follow the steps to create your Looker Studio report.

Connectors Reporting
Google My Business Insights

Customize Your Reports In Looker Studio

Looker Studio will extract your DAXRM account data. Now it’s up to you how you want to customize, download and share your reports using the power of Looker Studio.

Take Control Of Your Data With Daxrm & Looker Studio

Create interactive dashboards and easy to read reports from your DAXRM data. Automate your reporting, download and share reports and collaborate with team members in real time. Connect to other essential data sources like Google My Business, Facebook insights, Microsoft (Bing) Ads, Rank Tracker and more to create clear and compelling reports. With DAXRM and Looker Studio, you can harness the power of your marketing data and streamline your reporting. It’s the ultimate in digital agency project and client management.

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