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Access and view your Google My Business page analytics with the DAXRM GMB dashboard. Generate engaging custom reports and actionable insights with the push of a button through the GMB connector and Looker Studio. With the DAXRM digital marketing agency CRM, you can harness the power of your GMB accounts and make them work for you.

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Google My Business

Take control of your GMB data

Search Metrics

Access search metrics including direct vs discovery searches, page views, activities and searches by time period and location.

Visitor Actions

Understand visitor actions including website visits and clicks, direction requests and phone calls.

Phone Calls

Analyze phone calls by time period and take control of incoming leads.

Review And Ratings

Track your reviews and ratings and don’t miss a word your customers say.

Understand your search metrics

Take a deep dive into your client’s GMB search metrics. Compare direct vs discovery vs brand searches, map views vs search views. Review GMB page performance and compare results over different time periods. Perform Google search rank checks with the DAXRM Rank Tracker for an even deeper dive.

Explore Visitor

Explore visitor actions

Understand how GMB is directing customers to your client’s website. Track website clicks and visits, monitor phone calls and direction requests and take control over incoming leads. Track customer engagement and make sure your GMB is aligned with search intent.

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Rank Tracking
Google My Business

Track ratings and reviews

Don’t miss a word from your customers. Monitor Google ratings, reviews and customer feedback. Track your ratings and reviews across time periods, analyze customer sentiment and streamline your digital agency client and project management.


Combine locations

Multiple business locations? No problem. Combine GMB location pages in real time and view complete data across regions or separate data to see individual location performance.

Compare results across time periods

Year on year? Month on month? Week on week? Analyze GMB data by time period. Track campaign performance through GMB interactions, year-on-year growth or dive into customer engagement by sales period.

Looker Studio

Custom Reporting With Looker Studio

Using the DAXRM GMB Looker Studio connector you can export your campaign data and take advantage of the full power of Looker Studio. Through the GMB dashboard, you can display and analyze all GMB metrics and generate compelling reports using Looker Studio templates. Automate your reporting and save time. Schedule daily, weekly or monthly reports to be sent directly to your clients. Download and share reports and collaborate with team members in real time.

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