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With the DAXRM Facebook Ads connector and Looker Studio, you can track and manage your ad data from the world’s largest social media network. Streamline your Facebook Ads reporting through Looker Studio, visualize and analyze campaign performance with the Facebook Ads dashboard, break down audience demographics, and gather actionable insights from your Facebook Ads campaigns.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Campaign Performance Metrics

Take a deep dive into your ad metrics. Analyze click-through rates, conversions, impressions, campaigns costs and more.

Optimize Your Ads Campaigns

Analyze your Facebook ads, identify valuable insights and optimize your campaigns for superior performance.

Target Audience Demographics

Break down your audience by age, gender and location and discover new opportunities for your marketing campaigns.

Automated Reporting

Create clear and compelling Facebook Ads reports using the full functionality of Looker Studio.

Track Campaign Performance

Explore and analyze your Facebook Ads data. No spreadsheets needed and no messing around in Facebook Ads Manager. Track ad metrics like impressions, conversions, click-throughs and cost. Identify valuable opportunities to optimize your ad strategies and clearly show ROI for any ads campaign.

Track Campaign

Analyze Your Audience

Explore demographics and develop a deep understanding of your target audience. Find out how to better tailor your ads to make them more relevant and engaging, and to increase conversions.

Explore demographic segments like age, gender and location across your campaign metrics. With a clearer view of your audience you will have the insights you need to target ads with laser precision.

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Optimize Your Ads Campaigns

Armed with a complete view of your Facebook Ads data, you can gather actionable insights that will enable you to optimize your ads campaigns, driving conversions and improving ROI for your clients. Get the very best from your Facebook ads and showcase the value of your agency’s work.


Custom Reporting with Looker Studio

Using the Facebook connector you can quickly and simply export your campaign data and take advantage of the full power of Looker Studio (formally Data Studio). With our all-in-one digital agency reporting tool, you can take control of your client management by creating interactive dashboards and generating compelling reports using Looker Studio templates. Automate your reporting and save time. Schedule daily, weekly or monthly reports to be sent directly to your clients. Download and share reports and collaborate with team members in real time.

DAXRM is the first all-in-one CRM for marketing agencies — made for marketers, by marketers.

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