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The DAXRM rank checking tool is the quickest and easiest way to track your keyword rankings. A reliable and fast SEO ranking checker is an essential part of project management for marketers. With the DAXRM digital agency CRM you can perform real-time keyword ranking checks and access rank tracking data for any location across any device.

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Keyword Rank Tracking

take control of your rank tracker data

Desktop and Mobile

Perform Google search rank checks for desktop and mobile devices.

Real-Time Rank Tracking

Use the Google ranking checker to generate data in minutes and track your rankings in real time.

Multiple Locations

Monitor rankings across multiple locations including cities, states, national and international.

Track Rankings by Time Period

Automate your rank tracking by chosen time period (Manually, daily, weekly, monthly).

Desktop and Mobile SERPs Rank Checker

With the DAXRM Google position checker you can track your keyword rankings across devices. Monitor keyword positions and changes on desktop and mobile devices. Gain targeted insights into rankings across devices and adjust your SEO strategy accordingly. An essential tool for digital marketing campaign management.

Desktop Mobile Ranking

Track Ranking in any location

Monitor your keyword rankings across locations. Whether local, national or international, you can track rankings for actionable location data. Sharpen your local, national or international SEO campaigns, rank better in your target locations and improve visibility in key areas.

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Monitor ranking position history

Track and compare keyword rankings over historical time periods. Get actionable insights into keyword movements and compare performance across campaigns. Combat ranking volatility with clear data and analyze responses to algorithm changes.

Desktop Mobile Ranking Rank Tracking Timing

automate rank tracking by time period

Set the keyword rank checker to automatically provide ranking data across your website for preset time periods (daily, weekly or monthly). Compare keyword performance across time periods, monitor changes and proactively address rank declines the moment they happen. Streamline your digital agency client management but automating your rank tracking reporting.

Customizable reporting through looker studio

With our digital agency reporting tool you can generate high-quality reports with a full breakdown of rank tracking data. Visually engaging, easy to understand and fully customizable. Analyze the performance and value of each keyword across a range of key metrics. With the DAXRM Rank Tracker and Looker Studio connector, you’ll have immediate, real-time access to all your keyword ranking data.

Organic Ranking

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