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Seamlessly integrate Google Analytics with the easy-to-use DAXRM dashboard. Access and display clients’ real-time data, take a deep dive into the analytics and gain actionable insights for your clients. Display your data via the dashboard or create customizable branded reports that you can collaborate on, download, or share.

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Google Analytics Insights

Clear & Compelling Data

Select which data you want to display and create easy to understand reports that will impress your clients.

Easy Data Segmentation

Break down your data by segments to find out what channels are performing best.

Understand Your Audience

Develop a deeper understanding of your audience by exploring demographics, location, device usage, search behavior and more.

Display Conversion Tracking

Find out what’s driving conversions, discover opportunities for improvement and showcase your results.

Take a Deep Dive into Your Data

Google Analytics’ wealth of data can be overwhelming for clients. With DAXRM you can select the most relevant data to show your clients via the easy-to-use dashboard or with fully customizable reports.

Segment Data for the Clearest Picture

Get a clear view of essential metrics across all channels. Segment data by channel to find out which channels are performing and which require attention. Explore traffic acquisition, engagement rate, and conversions for marketing channels like SEO, PPC, email campaigns, social media and more.

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Understand Your Audience & How to Target Them

Take a deep dive into audience demographics and behavior. Find out who is engaging with your clients and how. Explore audience gender and age, location, device usage, bounce rate, conversions and more. With a clear view of your target audience you can fine-tune your strategies.

Explore Conversions

Showcase Your Agency’s Work

Clients want to know that their agency is delivering results. By accessing and displaying their key metrics, you can create a clear and compelling view across channels and time periods. Showcase your marketing efforts, identify opportunities to capitalize on and show your clients a clear picture of their online performance.

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