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Xero Integration

With the DAXRM Xero connector you can connect a world-leading accounting platform with the first all-in-one digital marketing XRM. Once you’re connected, you can sync your contacts from Xero, create invoices inside DAXRM, get a real-time view of billing history and reconcile data in seconds — all this, without having to move back and forth across platforms. You can connect Xero with your DAXRM account at any time.

The Xero integration is available as an add-on for all DAXRM users. Visit the Pricing page for more information.

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Sync Your Contacts

Sync your contacts from Xero to DAXRM with automatic updates if anything changes in Xero.

Streamline Invoicing

Create invoices in DAXRM ready for your accounts team to approve.

See Billing History

View past invoices for clients and projects, track payments status and outstanding invoices.

Reconcile Data in Seconds

Connect to Xero and keep all client details updated with regular reconciliation in DAXRM.

Keep Contacts Synced at All Times

By connecting DAXRM and Xero you can create a single source of truth for all your client contacts. The approve and reject option means that you can select which contact information you want to sync from Xero. All approved information will automatically sync to DAXRM, ensuring that all contacts remain up to date. Any changes made in Xero will be reflected in DAXRM, with syncing updates taking place every few minutes.

Simplifying Your Invoicing

Streamline your billing. Pull Items data directly from Xero and create invoices in DARXM for your accounts team to approve in Xero. Minimize unnecessary movement and duplicate work across platforms and get a real-time view of invoices. Send approved invoices from DAXRM, track payment status and overdue reminders. View billing history for clients and projects, monitor unpaid accounts and track payments, all from a single location.

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Take Control of Client Invoicing

When you connect DAXRM with your Xero account, you create end-to-end visibility for every clients’ journey across your entire team. Ensure that all client contacts are kept in sync, simplify and streamline your invoicing and get the most from your digital agency XRM by connecting to a world-leading accounting platform.

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