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The ultimate Google Search Console dashboard, designed by marketers, for marketers. Quickly and easily access all your Search Console data, measure site traffic and performance, identify and fix errors. Turn data into insights and make informed strategic decisions to elevate your campaigns.

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Google Search Console

Top Search Queries

Find out which search terms are generating the most traffic for your site.

Top Pages

View clicks, impressions and average Google rankings for your top pages.

Crawl Errors

Identify crawl errors and make sure that Google can easily access and crawl all pages.

Average Rankings

View the average Google rankings across any time period for pages and search terms.

Identify High-Performing Keywords

Identifying and implementing the right keywords is the foundation of any good SEO strategy. Take a deep dive into Google Top Queries reports and analyze key metrics like clicks, impressions and average position. With this data, you can optimize your keyword strategies and make more informed decisions for your clients.

Keywords Rank Tracking
Google Page Analytics

Explore Page Analytics

Make sure each and every page on your website is performing. Find out which pages are ranking and generating the most clicks and impressions. Optimize your search strategy based on analytic page insights straight from Google.

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Eliminate Crawl Errors

Staying on top of crawl errors across multiple sites can be a challenge. Now you can quickly identify crawl errors and determine how Google is crawling and indexing your site. Examine spikes in errors and track their effect on organic traffic. Quickly fix errors before they seriously affect rankings and user experience.

Google Page Crawl Errors
Google Search Console Metrics

Analyze all Essential Metrics

Take a deep dive into your Google Search Console metrics with highly visual and easy-to-understand graphs and reports. Understand how Google is crawling and indexing your site, rectify errors and gain actionable insights. Explore your average rankings across pages, search terms and time periods. Get the most from your site data with DAXRM and Google Search Console.

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